Who is Unarmed Guards?

What does safety mean to you? For us, this is one of the most important things you need for a joyful life. This is a natural desire and our company is there to help you achieve the highest level of security. When you have any concerns regarding the safety of your property or your own life, we will use all of our expertise to assist you in finding the best solution.

United Guard Security has implemented a system that doesn’t allow for any mistakes. We create an efficient plan from scratch by close cooperation with every client. Our possibilities are not limited by your budget. We will work hard in finding an optimal solution for any budget.

Unarmed security forces are unique in many ways. They have to count on their verbal skills, psychological tactics, perseverance, and physical strength. Special training has to be implemented in their case. This is exactly why they spend a lot of time in learning martial arts, training at the gym, and working on their intimidation skills.

The best type of conflict for us is the conflict that doesn’t even happen. It is important to stop any incident before it takes place. Resolving the situation peacefully is our top priority and only if the situation gets out of control, we will do our best to stop it from escalation.

You can never feel too safe in California. Any big social gathering or an important event has to be properly monitored and coordinated. The same goes for security. When somebody’s causing a disturbance, it is necessary to act very quickly. Only professionals can act within a narrow time frame and make it unnoticeable. With the help of modern equipment, the guards will respond fast and efficiently to any incident.

Huge facilities require guards who would prevent or respond to any suspicious actions, coordinate their forces with local law enforcement, and personnel, depending on the situation. Moreover, they have to act as customer support representatives for customers and visitors.

If you’re searching for a competent staff that’s going to organize, maintain and improve on your security needs, then UGS is your best choice. Our unarmed guard security service is going to exceed your expectations. Feel free to contact us at any time to receive detailed information on our services and the pricing. Your security is our top priority!