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At UGS, we hold a prominent position in the market for our exceptional security guard services that cater to a myriad of industries. Our comprehensive range of offerings extends beyond providing around-the-clock security guard services. We are also known for our expert security consultancy, stringent executive protection, and proactive vehicle patrol services. Our core competency lies in meticulously designing a tailored security strategy that effectively addresses your unique security risks and needs.

Our commitment to integrating industry-leading practices allows us to stay on top of the latest innovations in the field of security guard services. This methodology ensures that our clients enjoy the most cost-effective, resilient, and technologically advanced security solutions.

We place immense emphasis on the UGS intensive training program, aimed to prepare our security personnel for a wide range of situations that may arise during their duty. All our security officers, particularly those involved in security guard services, undergo extensive training and testing before they are assigned to your facilities. The continuation of this training throughout their time at UGS ensures that our officers at your site are ever-prepared to safeguard your assets. Our rigorous training methods guarantee that our team possesses the required knowledge and skills to consistently perform to our high standards of security services.

With our commitment to continuous learning and improvement, we aim to provide the most capable and reliable security guards in California for your properties and businesses. We foster a close-knit relationship with our security personnel, offering them the depth of knowledge and expertise you expect from your trusted security services partner. Trust UGS for a security solution that synergizes professionalism, efficiency, and respect, keeping your premises under the vigilant watch of the finest security guard services.




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Mobile Patrols

When a posted guard is not needed, mobile officers are a visual deterrent, with lock/unlock service, parking patrols, and proactive loiter/trespass monitoring. They can also report any issues, like a broken light in reports. Most importantly, they can be dispatched on demand and as needed.

Unarmed Posted Guards

Our Armed Security guards go through rigorous firearm and safety training and are ideal for environments that require a strong visual deterrent and the ability to address serious threats to protect themselves and others

Armed Security Guards

Role of Armed Security Guards: Armed security guards are trained professionals who carry firearms and are authorized to use them in situations that require the use of force to protect people and property.

Off Duty Officers

Extensively trained to mitigate risks, maintain order and ensure safety. Off duty officers are a great option to instill a high level security presence.

Security Consulting

Security consulting services provide expertise and guidance to organizations and individuals to identify, assess, and mitigate security risks and vulnerabilities.

Professional Guards
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Why Choose Us

Dedicated team with ontime response

Our Uniformed Guard Services (UGS) operates a robust, round-the-clock monitoring system via our mobile app, assuring our customers that the quality of service they receive is as promised. This real-time system allows clients to be alerted promptly regarding any incidents and offers the facility to track our patrol teams live through their exclusive client portal.

Our guards, who form the core of UGS, are held to unparalleled standards, setting them apart from their counterparts in the industry.

UGS was founded with a visionary objective: to set a benchmark for future security enterprises. We take immense pride in our strong standing in the security industry. Our security personnel are exceptionally alert and collaborate closely with local law enforcement agencies. They act as a strong deterrent to crime, and when required, take decisive action to thwart any unlawful activities.

What Sets Us Apart

UGS provides the highest level of training to meet the needs of each client’s specific environment. All instructors are certified in their fields and have extensive experience in teaching their area of expertise. UGS is accustomed to providing customized training solutions for different environments from government facilities to gated communities or office buildings. Our training program is modified to meet your specific needs.

We value open communication. Successful business owners understand the importance of maintaining open communication with their business partners. Our Management Team has specific plans for maintaining frequent, consistent communications between the client, the guard officers, and the management team. Our managers are available 24/7 to effectively handle any questions or concerns regarding your security services.

UGS utilizes electronic security guard monitoring systems which allow both the supervisors and the client access to an online portal to track guards during their shift. This system uses a combination of GPS tracking and QR codes to monitor the security guards’ activities. This accountability measure assures our clients that security guards are performing patrols as specified.

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