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Professional Guards
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In a society demanding full transparency we offer our clients technology that fits the role. UGS realizes that the ability to remotely manage and supervise our officers is essential in providing customers with high quality service. Based on that belief, we invest in real-time officer tour tracking systems to help ensure that our officers are performing comprehensive patrols of our customers’ facilities. In addition to our supervisors and managers being able to monitor the officers’ activity in real-time, we also provide this same ability to our customers. So just like our supervisors who monitor our officers throughout the day using the tour tracking system, our customers can as well.


Client Portal

For ultimate efficiency you will have access to your data 24 hours a day. UGS offers a customizable portal where you have access to your data in real time whenever you need it. Using an easy-to-navigate web portal that’s accessible on any Internet-connected device, you will never have to worry about costly wait times


Reduce Risk

We want to provide you with all the information you need to reduce risk and the tools to ensure the delivery of mission-critical elements in any security plan. With this technology we strive to Increase security guard accountability and improve guard tour processes and protocols.


Trends & Analytics

UGS’s Trends & Analytics feature, an integral part of the Security Operations Suite, provides actionable insight by using security data to increase operational effectiveness and optimize management.