Unarmed security guards are required when you need constant security monitoring and also where the presence of an armed security guard can cause unnecessary distress to the visitors. These guards offer a perfect security solution to the places like shopping, malls, jewelry stores, art galleries, and event places.

Further, you won’t see armed security guards at a place in several cases. However, it does not mean that those places are not secure. Unarmed security officers offer the highest level of protection and, at the same time helping people.

These guards perform a comprehensive range of security services and sometimes do more work than the armed security guards. The main difference is that these guards do not carry a gun. Further, there are different security protocols for both armed and unarmed security officers, but there is a lot of overlap. Both security officers are ideal for businesses to avert all types of threatening situations.

So if you need professional security services, then look no further than UGS Security. Our guards possess expertise in offering great security experience just by having their mere presence at your business.

Professional Unarmed Security And Guard Services

When looking to hire security guards, you need someone who possesses previous experience and has profound knowledge of handling various situations. This is the reason why we are the most preferred security company in Orange County and LA.

Moreover, the type of security service you need depends on the building and business for which security is required. However, there are some non-negotiable requirements that should be present. These includes the ability to stand for long hours, can lift the weight of around 40 lbs, and needs to have a clear criminal background record. At UGS Security, our staff and security guards adhere to the instructions, work with minimal supervision and follow a strict security plan.

One major benefit of our unarmed security officers is the level of rigorous security training we have given to them. So you are assured of getting the best and quality security protection possible for your event, building, or business and are capable of

What Are The Responsibilities Of The Unarmed Security Guards?

So basically, what is the responsibility of the unarmed security officers? First and foremost, they patrol the property premises, report to law enforcement if they suspect any criminal activity, and enforce regulations in the specific areas assigned to them.

In addition, our security personnel provides protection if someone at the office place becomes violent. However, keeping the basic security work aside, you will also find that our guards have basic CPR training if the situation demands it. Our security service can also assist the police with crowd management. It is to maintain security measures and keep the security threats as minimum as possible.

Given the ante, all the responsibilities of the unnamed security officers prove that they perform a lot of work than the armed security ones without having the need to use weapons.

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