UGS Security provides the best security guards Orange County that deliver premium protection for various types of businesses and individuals. We offer our clients comprehensive security and private security services.

Every member of our staff undergoes a rigorous background check before we employ them to work for you and for us. We give utmost priority to our valuable clients. Before we begin our work, we first familiarize ourselves with your environment, all ins and outs of your specific building, and identify the areas that are vulnerable. We focus on improving your overall security measures.

Custom-Tailored Security Services

We apprehend that every business and every environment is unique. This is the reason we don’t treat every client in the same way. If your hired unarmed and armed security guards are not treating your business as a separate and unique entity, your business is under a high-security threat, no matter if you run a large or small business. UGS Security specializes in customizing security services that best fit your security needs and requirements and focus on making your environment the safest and productive.

Qualified and Professional Security Guards in Orange County

No matter a business is big or small, you have to deal with both internal and external constant security threats. When you enlist the help of a reliable and trustworthy security company like UGS Security, you are securing your business from theft, crime, vandalism, and keeping your environment safe and secure.

UGS Security offers both specialized armed and unarmed security guard services. In addition, we also offer protective services that meet the client’s requirements, such as CPR medical services in case of an emergency. With the advent of the latest technology and evolving security threats along with the changing business needs, UGS Security is expert at modifying and meeting new challenges. So, we give utmost importance to keeping you safe, secure, and protected at all times.

Specialists in Providing Quality Security Guard Services

UGS Security also offers the very best when it comes to offering mobile security patrolling, loss prevention, on-site security guards, VIP bodyguard security, and patrolling services across Orange County. Our security guards are:

  • Rigorously trained to meet every client requirements
  • Experts in managing crises and emergency situations that arise in shopping malls, schools, and much more.
  • Committed to professionalism, so they adhere to a strict code of conduct. So, in the end, giving a high comfort level to the people around.
  • Efficient enough to take effective measures to avert theft and robbery attempts, thus keeping your family and staff safe.
  • We provide full security solutions using the latest equipment and technology. Our innovative training techniques ensure premium protection for your event, company, or individual.

UGS Security – Your Safety is Our Priority

A good security guard’s qualities are communicating effectively and being a good fit, and good logistics. When you select our dedicated security guards services in Orange County, you can be confident that you are safe and comfortable. You will only get the best and nothing less than that.

  • We have fully vetted unarmed and armed security guards
  • We only provide the best custom-tailored security services to best suit the needs of your business
  • Marked and unmarked security vehicles fitted with a GPS system
  • Safe and productive work environment
  • Experienced supervisors
  • Regular quality inspections

Call Us Today for Custom Security Solutions

At UGS Security, we provide flexibility and customize our security services to meet our client’s specific needs. We offer a comprehensive range of security services to fit your environment, and it can be from professional and casual. Moreover, our guards are also connected to our management through cell phones, radios, and pagers.