An armed security Orange County is a security guard who has the right to carry weapons. This can range from a club and spray can to a gun. However, they only use force where they feel necessary. In simple words, the responsibility of the armed security guard is to protect property and make sure that the staff, customers, personnel, and public are safe and secure.

Highly-Trained Security Guard Services

UGS Security possesses a team of highly trained and proficient security officers. They have a clear criminal background, and employment screening. Moreover, our security guards are insured, licensed, uniformed, trained with 24/7 customer service and supervision. Every month evaluation of our security guards is done regarding their performance. Whether they need continuous training or not depends on the evaluation results, and we also appreciate our client’s feedback. Also, our security guards have the training to provide proper responses to all types of emergencies. This helps put a client’s mind at ease, knowing that they have hired a company that gives utmost importance in giving the best protection services and 24/7 customer service and supervision. Further, our security guards report all incidents on their log sheets. They possess a daily activity report folder. In this, they must record each event that occurs during their shift. After that, they submit the report into the system under each client account for tracking purposes and maintain confidentiality. These reports are a part of our services, and they are necessary. After that, the supervisors check these reports and send the daily report update to the clients upon their request. UGS Security has an expert management team who will tailor security services to meet all your requirements, expectations, and desires. Our main aim is to protect you, your business, your family, your home, and all your valuables in a cost-effective way.

A Few Duties of UGS Security Guards

To Be Clearly Visible

Our security guards’ first and foremost duties are to be visible as it provides a strong deterrent to criminals. When burglars, shoplifters, muggers, and other criminals see a security guard on-premises, they will think twice before proceeding with their criminal activities.

To Be Vigilant

UGS Security remains vigilant and keeps the constant look out for any suspicious things that can mean harm. Our security guard detects unusual activities and senses them when someone is cleverly trying to divert guard attention. They respond quickly to prevent the security issues from becoming severe.

To Respond Quickly During Crisis

Our guards are specialists in sensing suspicious activities and act fast to control the situation. Our security guard always remains alert to avoid being getting caught not attentive.

Observing and Reporting

Even after a harmful and dangerous situation has been successfully prevented, our security guards do not relax. They keep observing the situation till they are content that there are no more problems. After a crisis, our security guard reports the incident to the concerned supervisor, the appropriate authorities, or the police. In this way, security guards can take appropriate steps to avert future recurrence.

Checking and Monitoring

UGS Security guards are bind to maintain and adhere to certain rules and policies that the client instructs. Clients may require the guests or visitors to have a proper search before they can enter the property. And those individuals that have the pass can enter the property.

Maintain Safety Among People

Our security guards deployed in large gatherings such as events, political parties, or religious assemblies have an obligation to ensure the d=safety of lives and property. They prevent stampedes and breakdown of law and order. Get in touch with us for more information! So, all us at 800) 228-2505 or send us an email at [email protected] for more information.